Eastway Com-Naga

By Dylan Kennedy | November 19, 2021

With more than three decades of experience, Eastway Com-Naga is the de facto leader of the printed paper product industry in Malaysia. The Malaysian company traditionally specialises in paper products, though are now including integrated labels in their arsenal that could help e-commerce vendors streamline their workflow. Integrated Labels For e-Commerce Vendors As for the … Read moreEastway Com-Naga

First Condom of Its Kind In Malaysia

By Dylan Kennedy | September 22, 2021

Armed with a drive to improve the current sexual health market (particularly in the condom department) in Malaysia, P’sang is a startup focusing on developing and producing a variety of condoms using the buttercup packaging design — a first of its kind in the country. P’sang  At the same time, the daring company is also … Read moreFirst Condom of Its Kind In Malaysia

Advanced Electric Motor Technology From Lucid Motors

By Dylan Kennedy | November 5, 2020

New information has surfaced regarding Lucid Motors’ next-gen in-house developed, proprietary electric drivetrain which will power the next line of pure-electric luxury Lucid Air vehicles.  Lucid Motors’ New Age Electric Drivetrain Technology Equipped with a dual-motor capable of outputting up to 1,080 HP, the Lucid Air’s all-wheel-drive architecture enables it to consistently achieve a quarter … Read moreAdvanced Electric Motor Technology From Lucid Motors

Golden Tour

By Dylan Kennedy | November 3, 2020

Mingle Among Elite Golfers In Mega888’s Golden Tour Slot Ready to be the next golfing maestro a la Tiger Woods? Participate in a world-class golf tournament without having to get out of the comfort of your abode with the Mega888 slot title, Golden Tour. Developed by Playtech and available on the ever-popular Mega888 platform, Golden … Read moreGolden Tour

Dolphin Reef

By Dylan Kennedy | October 28, 2020

Mega888 Online Slot — Dolphin Reef Fancy diving into the depths of the ocean to hunt sunken treasures? Now you can! Say hello to Dolphin Reef — a 5-reel online slot found on the popular Mega888 platform. While swimming amongst the vivid, colourful reef, you’ll get to observe a myriad of dolphins (obviously), turtles, clownfish, … Read moreDolphin Reef

ParkIt — One Parking Space At A Time

By Dylan Kennedy | October 26, 2020

If you’ve been staying in Malaysia for a while, you would have undoubtedly come across a universal problem all locals face — a lack of parking! Regardless if you’re going to work, the mall, or anywhere in any highly dense populated areas, ParkIt is just the thing you need. Parking Doesn’t Have To Be A … Read moreParkIt — One Parking Space At A Time

The Adorable Bonus Bear Slots On Mega888

By Dylan Kennedy | October 23, 2020

Winnie The Pooh. Paddington Bear. Kumamon. Yogi. Ted. These are among some of the most well-known (and adorable) bear characters to have been featured in the media. Okay, so Ted may not be THAT cute (rather than that, he’s crude) but the point stands.  Without a doubt, bears can be cute, especially when they’re in … Read moreThe Adorable Bonus Bear Slots On Mega888

Getting Around Myanmar

By Dylan Kennedy | October 19, 2020

Heading to Myanmar soon? Unfortunately, traversing the busy streets of Yangon (the largest city in Myanmar) requires a certain level of finesse as Myanmar’s public transportation system isn’t particularly as cheap nor as efficient as its Southeast Asian peers. Getting around the city may pose a slight challenge, but anything may be solved with a … Read moreGetting Around Myanmar

Panther Moon

By Dylan Kennedy | October 14, 2020

Obsidian Black Beauty Of Mega888’s Panther Moon There are few creatures in the wild that evoke a feeling of magnificence and grandeur much like the prowling smoothness of a black panther. And much like the real-life big cat, Mega888’s Panther Moon is inspired by the ever-elusive feline.  Indeed, this popular Mega888 game affords you the … Read morePanther Moon

Mega888 Live Casino

By Dylan Kennedy | October 12, 2020

Are you looking for an avenue to showcase your gambling prowess in the online world of the live casino scene? Or are you perhaps just an average, casual gamer searching for a rewarding online live casino in Malaysia? Mayhaps the type of live casino games you are particularly interested in aren’t available in most live … Read moreMega888 Live Casino

The Maserati MC20 Electric Supercar

By Dylan Kennedy | October 8, 2020

Maserati is looking to introduce a fully-electric variant of their MC20 supercar line which will feature a powertrain capable of delivering more than 700bhp. Maserati’s New Electric MC20 is A Tri-Motor, 700bhp+ Supercar At its core, the Italian carmaker’s line of traditional rear-drive MC20 will come equipped with a brand-new petrol-powered twin-turbo V6 delivering 621bhp. … Read moreThe Maserati MC20 Electric Supercar

Trouble Looming for General Motors

By Dylan Kennedy | October 5, 2020

General Motors — an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit which designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts — is now facing a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida which alleges problems with its IOR seven-inch infotainment system General Motors is Facing Class Action Suit … Read moreTrouble Looming for General Motors