Kiddocare is A Homegrown Babysitting Service Platform

Kiddocare is an on-demand online platform that allows parents to easily find and hire babysitters in Malaysia. As an aside, Kiddocare also aims to empower women in the gig economy by offering job opportunities as trained babysitters in the childcare industry in Malaysia.

Looking for Work In A Post-Pandemic World? Kiddocare Has You Covered!

Kiddocare was founded in 2018 and has 1,600 babysitters registered on its platform currently. Its founder, Nadira Yusoff has hopes that the company will be able to train at least 2,300 Kiddocarers by the end of the year in various aspects like nursing care and playschool daycare.

As for the area that Kiddocare services, you’ll be able to hire a dedicated, professional nanny if you reside in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Nilai, Seremban, or Johor Baru. The game plan is to expand its services to other states and regions in the future, pending Covid-19 restrictions.

According to Nadira, any female Malaysian above the age of 18 can qualify to become a Kiddocarer. “Some of the Kiddocarers have early childhood education, while the majority have previous childcare experience or have worked as experienced caregivers,” she continued.

To qualify as a babysitter on Kiddocare, candidates must go through the mandatory babysitting training as well as pass the assessments at the end of the training session. The assessments will be conducted by industry professionals to ensure that each and every one of the nannies will be up to the standard that Kiddocare wants them to be at. In addition, stringent background checks will also be done, along with psychometric assessments and medical check-ups before you can be registered on the platform.

Covid-19 has caused a huge surge in demand for caregivers to help working moms with tasks such as homeschooling so that they can focus on working from home. And a similar scenario is also happening once everything starts to open up once again — parents who need to travel for work and leave their children behind due to the closing of schools/nurseries need the help of these nannies.

This is why platforms like Kiddocare are so important. It is a service that offers conveniences to its clients, with the choice of location and duration (minimum two hours service per session) at the discretion of the clients.

Along with what has been said, the value of an on-demand platform is becoming exponentially vital to support working parents. Nadira stated that working parents would need help adapting to the current work climate. And she also expects that more businesses will adopt flexible working practices such as work from home arrangements and that households will rely less on foreign maids.

“These could generate awareness and appreciation for on-demand services from Malaysian parents. Mothers appreciate our assistance in enabling them to do more, run errands, take care of themselves, or even start a business.”

“Parents can now spend time alone together on date nights as well. Children are also cared for by certified babysitters who have undergone training and can assist with the development and growth of the children,” she ended.

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