First Condom of Its Kind In Malaysia

Armed with a drive to improve the current sexual health market (particularly in the condom department) in Malaysia, P’sang is a startup focusing on developing and producing a variety of condoms using the buttercup packaging design — a first of its kind in the country.


At the same time, the daring company is also looking to address the oft problematic condom buying experience faced by responsible adults by leveraging on their online platform to avoid any potentially embarrassing face-to-face interactions. It is also here that you may choose your choice of condoms easily — with five products and more than a hundred different flavours to pick from.

Intending to inspire a massive shift in the condom market in both Malaysia and the surrounding SEA region after a visit to a condom manufacturing plant, the founder and CEO of P’sang, supported by the other co-founders, began their condom-making journey from scratch and had spent more than a year in making strides in research and development.

To test the products, the team conducted blind taste tests where they tried to ascertain the flavours of the samples by putting them in their mouths blindfolded. To date, P’sang offers a huge selection of condom flavours including some exotic tastes like Brazilian coffee, champagne, apple, whisky, and also more than a hundred other flavours.

Apart from that, P’sang’s bread and butter lie with their unique packaging for their condoms. Their condoms come in a convenient buttercup packaging that is not dissimilar to that of those mini butter packaging that you may find in hotels and restaurants. 

However, one of the biggest hurdles that the company faced in the beginning was trying to meet the minimum order quantity of the product manufacture, as well as the high cost of R&D due to its rather niche market. The team also needed to learn and conduct research from scratch which then led to a time and cost sink in the R&D phase. 

Though, their efforts have so far paid off as P’sang had garnered over 10,000 subscribers even before their product launch back in February 2019.

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