Eastway Com-Naga

With more than three decades of experience, Eastway Com-Naga is the de facto leader of the printed paper product industry in Malaysia. The Malaysian company traditionally specialises in paper products, though are now including integrated labels in their arsenal that could help e-commerce vendors streamline their workflow.

Integrated Labels For e-Commerce Vendors

As for the reason why the uber-traditional printing business is now expanding into the realm of digital products, the company intends to bridge the metaphorical gap to the digital age through an avenue most wouldn’t necessarily regard as digital — integrated labels.

In essence, an integrated label is a cross between a regular piece of printer paper and adhesive labels which is included as part of an A4 sheet. Relevant information such as the packing list or invoice and shipping label can then be printed on the same sheet and placed on the cargo.

The idea is to streamline both the packing and shipping process to provide an effective way of invoicing and packaging the items to be shipped. Case in point, you’ll oftentimes find that integrated labels have more than one sticky label — a return sticky label and a shipping one.

Instead of having to switch between paper and labels while printing the package forms, integrated labels offer a way to include both packing and shipping forms on the same piece of paper — simply peel off the shipping label, drop the remaining document in the package, and apply the label after sealing the box. 

Another reason for this change in direction for the business is to attempt to address the issue that many SMEs — representing a large portion of Malaysia’s economy — face, including difficulties in adapting to the costly digitisation process.

While most people do not necessarily associate paper-based solutions with streamlining e-commerce businesses, this isn’t always the case. The front-end of most e-commerce vendors mostly appear to be entirely digital, though the back-end is very much the opposite.

Moreover, there are tons of logistical issues to navigate including tedious tasks to handle such as labelling, filing, and even the sheer amount of packing and invoicing that can slow one’s business down. This is where Eastway’s solution comes in.

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