Advanced Electric Motor Technology From Lucid Motors

New information has surfaced regarding Lucid Motors’ next-gen in-house developed, proprietary electric drivetrain which will power the next line of pure-electric luxury Lucid Air vehicles. 

Lucid Motors’ New Age Electric Drivetrain Technology

Equipped with a dual-motor capable of outputting up to 1,080 HP, the Lucid Air’s all-wheel-drive architecture enables it to consistently achieve a quarter of a mile in as lows as 9.9 seconds.

To date, the Lucid Air is the only electric sedan that has recorded a quarter-mile time in under 10 seconds, in addition to also having room for five passengers and class-leading interior and storage space.

Indeed, the true strength of the new age Lucid Air lies with its extended-range capability that is estimated to be able to achieve an EPA range of up to 517 miles on a single charge. 

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